A Fine Example / by Jen Hyde

During my writing fellowship at NYU Shanghai, I produced a manuscript of poems that I printed with laser-etched woodblock plates. I was influenced by the region's publishing practices during the Song Dynasty when publishers treated text like drawing. This enabled them to hire anyone, even an illiterate person, to copy text and images onto woodblock plates, and print and bind pages for book production. I was intrigued by this idea and cast myself, a Chinese-American Publisher in China, as both writer and bookmaker, which enabled me to move through a world in which I was both literate and illiterate. 

In 2013, I printed ~100 test copies of a poem. I presently have no more test copies, but to my unexpected delight one has recently been made available on Derringer Books! I'm flattered by the gesture of the unknown lender of the work to the bookshop, and by Derringer who calls the print "A Fine Example". Thank you!