Upcoming Events by Jen Hyde

September 7 @ Unnameable Books (Brooklyn) with Adrian Shirk, 7pm

September 9 @ Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop (Brooklyn), Eileen's Fortune Cookie Reading, 3pm 

September 14 @ Lulu's (7 Throne Street, Jersey City Heights), Pershing Fields Garden Friends Benefit, 7pm, $16 donation 

September 22, @ Wendy's Subway (Brooklyn), hosting the ND/SA Chapbook Launch, celebrating new work from Marwa Helal and Joshua Escobar, 7pm

Marble Quarry Anniversary Adventure by Jen Hyde

Celebrating two years two weeks early with a day trip to the Danby Quarry in Vermont. I wasn't planning on jumping in until I learned that the marble used to construct the New York Public Library came from this quarry. Suddenly, that concave space full of water seemed necessary to explore. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! 


Reading at Poets House, 7/20 by Jen Hyde

It's an honor to be included in the 2017 Showcase Reading Series at Poets House, and to read with Cynthia Manick, Tommy Pico and Martha Rhodes on July 20th! What a dream! Congratulations on your new books! information about the reading here


Back from Cuba and headed straight to DC by Jen Hyde

We were very sad to learn, upon returning from DC, that the Trump administration will make it difficult for folks like us to experience cultural exchange with Cubans. We were met with such kindness on our travels, and are thankful to President Obama for opening the doors for a little while. 


Reposted on Harriet by Jen Hyde

My review for Coldfront of Jennifer Nelson's Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife (UDP 2015) was reposted at Harriet! You can read it here. And you should read Jennifer's debut! It's important and wonderful. 

Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington DC by Jen Hyde

In DC today, and speaking on a panel discussion about Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). It seems ever important to generate more discussions like these, both on the hill and in our social media and IRL communities. We are really going to be thinking about the necessity to use evidence-based research in doctor-patient conversations. I'll be speaking from the patient perspective about the excellent quality of care I was able to receive at NYU Langone when I underwent heart valve replacement. Being in the right time and place when you need a lifesaving procedure shouldn't be a privilege, it should be an American right. You can watch the panel discussion here.


Release Day! by Jen Hyde

Happy to announce that my debut is available today from Ahsahta! And extra happy to be published in the same month as my dear friend Jennifer Nelson who's Ahsahta book Civilization Makes Me Lonely won this year's Sawtooth contest!